Photo via Laura Cano, Telam

President Mauricio Macri again made reference to the search for the ARA San Juan submarine, which has been missing for six days now and has brought the country to a halt. He’s assured that “we continue doing everything in our power” to find the missing vessel and the 44 crew members in it.

“We continue deploying all national and international means available to find them as soon as possible,” Macri said this morning during the inauguration of the Open Government Partnership Americas Regional Meeting 2017, which took place at the Kirchner Cultural Center (CCK).

The President visited the Mar del Plata base where the submarine should’ve arrived yesterday, and where the crew’s family members have gathered to get periodical updates from the army and wait for the vessel’s potential return.

“In these hard hours I wouldn’t want to start [the speech] without sending all my support and affection to the family members of the ARA San Juan submarine’s crew. At this point, even foreigners know what we are going through. I was with them [the family members] yesterday,” Macri said. And he continued: “We are all closely following the issue.”

In the army’s last official update, its spokesperson, Captain Enrique Balbi, said the rescue teams found an empty raft, but that after analyzing it ruled out any connection to the submarine. He indicated it’s quite likely another ship lost it as a result of the high waves.

Moreover, Balbi informed the teams also spotted white flares, but clarified that even though a ship was sent to the area where they were lit, the ARA San Juan has flares of other colors. For more information, read our article from this morning.