Photo via Infobae

President Mauricio Macri offered the United States ambassadorship to his former Treasury and Finance Minister, Alfonso Prat-Gay, Clarín reported today. The offer comes on the heels of the resignation of now former Ambassador Martín Lousteau, who left the post to compete in this year’s mid term elections.

Prat-Gay was the first member of Macri’s cabinet to leave his post. The president had requested him to do so for two reasons: first, his administration’s intention of splitting the ministry he led in two entities — the Ministry of Finance, now led by Luis Caputo, and the Treasury one, headed by Nicolás Dujovne. And second, and most important, the fact that Prat-Gay disagreed with the rest of Macri’s economic team on what were the best policies to implement for the future of the country.

However, both parties parted on good terms and it was speculated that he would return to the administration sooner or later. In fact, he had already rejected the Belgian ambassadorship. Prat-Gay hasn’t publicly confirmed whether he will the offer. It was expected he would shed light on the issue in an event held at the Spanish embassy today. But even though he didn’t address the offer directly, he did weigh in on the current state of Argentine-American relations: “we have everything to win in our trade relations with the U.S., because 80 percent of the products we want to send there can’t get in because of a tariff barrier.”

“The world is looking at the Argentine experiment to see how we go from populism to normality. Macri can also be a regional leader to spearhead a trade agreement in South America, if [U.S. President Donald] Trump ends up embracing protectionism,” he added. We are waiting for your answer, Prat-Gay.