Mauricio Macri met with union leader Hugo Moyano. Photo via

Yesterday, Secretary General of the General Labor Confederation of Labor (CGT) Hugo Moyano met with President-elect Mauricio Macri to discuss future relations between the new government and unions and, perhaps surprisingly, it looks like it all went pretty well.

He even threw Macri a bone:

“Devaluation is not the new government’s fault but rather the result of poor economic policies during President Cristina Fernández de Kirchner’s administration,” he said.

Over these past few weeks, Moyano has brought up the possibility of uniting unions under one umbrella union in order to give workers greater leverage when negotiating with the new government.

The “brief, cordial and relaxed” meeting took place in Macri’s office in the company of newly appointed Labor Minister Jorge Triaca, future Cabinet Chief Marcos Peña, newly appointed Transportation Minister Guillermo Dietrich and future Deputy Mayor of Buenos Aires City Diego Santilli.

According to press, the CGT leader who walked into the meeting looking rather glum, was making jokes with the President-elect on his way out of the meeting. This is certainly promising considering Moyano supposedly called Jorge Triaca “an inexperienced kid” when he found out Macri had appointed him as the new labor minister. Onwards and upwards.

But according to reports, Macri announced during the meeting that Moyano’s preferred choice for labor minister, Ezequiel Sabor, would be  Triaca’s labor vice-minister, which may explain the ease of tension.

Moyano and outgoing President Cristina Fernández de Kirchner met a bitter end despite having been quite close in the past. We’ll have to wait and see how the union leader and the new administration fare.