(Photo via Infobae)

Following yesterday’s horrific attacks in Barcelona, Spain, which so far have left 14 dead, President Mauricio Macri said he was “shocked” and offered his solidarity with the Spanish people. He also spoke with Spanish Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy and decided to strengthen Argentina’s borders and security.

“Shocked by the terrorist attack that hit Barcelona today. All my solidarity with victims and with the Spanish people,” he tweeted. According to Casa Rosada sources, Macri also had a 5-minute conversation with Mariano Rajoy in Madrid, offering his solidarity “on behalf of the Argentine people.” He also said Argentina supports Spain in its fight against terrorism.

The Foreign Ministry also condemned the attack and sent a message of support to Spain.

“We condemn the bloody attack in Barcelona. Our condolences and solidarity for the Spanish government and people,” the tweet read.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs further released a statement on its website in which reiterated Argentina’s stance as being opposed to all forms of terrorism and emphasized the need to respect and promote all human rights.

The statement also included that due to the historical links between the two nations, the attack “has made the pain of what has happened even more profound.” 

Yesterday at 16:50 local time, a van was used in a terrorist attack in Las Ramblas Barcelona. 14 people have been confirmed dead so far and injuring more than 100.

Hours after the attack, Argentina’s government decided to increase border security and activate the antiterrorist protocol nationwide. This translates into additional police or security presence on Argentina’s borders, especially in its “vulnerable” or porous zones.