President Mauricio Macri spoke at Mar del Plata today and blamed the previous administration for the expansion of drug trafficking in Argentina. Photo via La Nación.

After cutting his holiday short due to the floods in Entre Ríos, President Mauricio Macri made an appearance in Mar del Plata today to officially launch the summer season and, since we’re at it, reaffirm his government’s stance on drug trafficking, stating that the previous administration of Cristina Fernández de Kirchner was responsible for its expansion in the country.

Joined by BA province governor María Eugenia Vidal, Macri’s statements were made amid announcements on investments for the tourist industry.

According to Macri, the huge expansion of drug trafficking in Argentina was due to “the inaction, incapability or complicity of the previous government.” He also complimented Vidal on being a “wonderful” governor and emphasized that the drug trafficking problem is not only restricted to the Buenos Aires province, but has already affected the entire country. For Macri, “Argentina must be freed of this torture as soon as possible” and his government is “committed to addressing and defeating drug trafficking.”

Macri said he is committed to a non-stop battle, explaining that the struggle “has just begun.”

“It’s very important to understand that we need to improve, train and restore the reputation of a new, better and independent Judicial Branch, as well as our own security forces.” In order to do so, the government is “investing in technology to protect our borders and improve security forces,” he said.

The President did not directly mention the prison break scandal that is currently giving Vidal more than a headache, but his comments and public displays of support for her suggest he stands by her. After eight days, the three fugitives remain at large and the new provincial administration has been taking the heat for the inability to capture the notorious criminals, sentenced to life in prison for the Triple Murder of General Rodríguez.

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