Photo via Gaceta Mercantil

President Mauricio Macri held a press conference in the Casa Rosada where he attempted to provide context to two controversial government decisions: the State’s agreement with “Correo Argentino” company and the attempted changes the system calculating pensions.

Macri admitted his administration made “mistakes” but highlighted the need to keep moving: “if I make a mistake I backtrack and correct myself,” he said.

Regarding the first issue, Macri said he instructed Communications Minister Oscar Aguad, whose department is in charge of dealing with the case, to re-negotiate the agreement: “I told him to go to the courts and tell them to start from scratch. We want to reach a final deal because not solving this issue harms the State, which is my task to take care,” he said.

Macri went on to reiterate his intention to have a transparent agreement and said his administration will again ask the Nation’s General Auditing Body (AGN) to conduct an audit on the final proposal. Once they solve these issues, the President communicated his intention to create a system that will deal with similar cases in the future.

However, Macri’s perspective marks a change in the Government’s official stance regarding this issue. Before the press conference, the Communication Ministry’s lawyer in charge of this particular agreement, Juan Mocoroa, assured the press that on more than one occasion the agreement was beneficial to the State.

In another passage of the address, Macri tackled the criticized change to the government system that calculates pensions. In line with what other government officials said during the morning, he assured the public that it was a technical error, rather than an intentional one, but that he had already annulled the order. The President was then quick to pivot, highlighting other measures he said his administration implemented to help pensioners, and argued the issue was over-inflated by the opposition as an attempt to score political points.

Macri also spoke about the phone call he had yesterday with U.S. President Donald Trump: he confirmed that Trump invited him to visit Washington this year and assured the press core that the Foreign Minister Susana Malcorra and her US counter part Rex Tillerson met earlier this week in Munich’s Security Conference — are coordinating it to make this happen. “He invited us to build a positive agenda with the US so we can improve the good relationship we started with Obama,” Macri concluded.