Photo via YouTube.

Earlier today at the inauguration of a new Coto supermarket in Ciudadela, President Mauricio Macri made the amateur mistake of putting a young child’s bullshit detector to the test when he tried to forcibly drag a kid into a photo with him. Either too young to understand social conventions or already too world-weary to care, the little boy started flailing at the cameras as soon as Macri got a hand on him. Once free from the President’s grip, the child proceeded to bawl (just listen to the video). We can only assume that the kid in question just couldn’t anymore, and Macri’s hands were the proverbial straw that broke the camel’s back. Luckily, crying at the grocery store is just part of being human, and an older child graciously accepted the photo-op afterwards.

Little kids and dogs, guys. They know.