Cristina and Parrilli.

News outlet Infobae published yet another audio of an alleged wiretapped conversation between former President Cristina Fernández de Kirchner and the man that served as Federal Intelligence Agency (AFI) head Oscar Parrilli during much of her administration over the weekend. After the lines “it’s me, Cristina, Pelotudo,” and “we have to pressure judges,” went public, the latest audio allegedly has CFK saying that current president, Mauricio Macri, is a “mobster propped up by the media,” and even goes as far as wishing bankruptcy on the Argentine Industrial Union.

In the conversation, which allegedly took place last year, they also discussed the then emerging corruption scandal concerning CFK’s Public Works Secretary, José López. The phone tapping was authorized by Judge Ariel Lijo, as part of a separate investigation looking at Parrilli for allegedly covering up information that could have led to the arrest of national fugitive, Ibar Perez Corradi, at the time he was wanted for his involvement in the infamous Triple Homicide of 2008.

Let’s take a look at what they said.

No Love for Macri

According to the former president’s analysis, the country is not going down the best path and the government will need strong leadership if it wants to steer the ship away from disaster. Unsurprisingly, she doesn’t think President Mauricio Macri can provide that kind of leadership because he’s not really a skilled politician but rather a “mobster” who’s only in office because he was put there by the media.

Cristina never hid her loathing of Macri — let’s recall she broke protocol during the presidential transition ceremony, forcing Macri to receive the ceremonial sash and staff from the Supreme Court President, Ricardo Lorenzetti instead of participating with the traditional passing of power. Publicly at least, her criticism of Macri has been relatively PG-13. However, it is quite likely she has used far worse terminology to refer to him privately, considering how lightly she calls her right-hand man “pelotudo.”

No Love for the Argentine Industrial Union (UIA) Either

“The UIA came out to complain yesterday, did you see?” Parrilli points out at a moment. What she said about Macri is practically a praise, compared with the words she had for the main leaders of the private industrial business sector. “They can all go fuck themselves, I hope they all go bankrupt.” And she goes on: “Motherfuckers, they all siphoned money overseas, I hope they go bankrupt, you know, the UIA people, I hope they all really go bankrupt and we end up having to bring sugar from Cuba, or China, or some other fucking place,” she says, according to Infobae’s transcriptions. Subtle.

Hours after the audio was released, UIA’s Executive Secretary, Juan Carlos Sacco, said he was “saddened” by Fernández’s comments, and said they are “harmful to democracy.”

“We never criticized her in public without telling her about it previously and we never used terms like the ones she used, even taking into account that it is a private conversation,” he said.

Juan Carlos Sacco. Photo via Diariobae
Juan Carlos Sacco. Photo via Diariobae

Analysis of the Political Juncture 

In another passage of the conversation, the former President points out that the Macri administration is trying to have crime dominate media cycles to divert attention from the areas they are failing in, but that the strategy won’t prove successful over the long run: “look, if they believe they are going to do well this way, they are going to be in trouble, time will come when people will be tired of crime beat.”

As a result of this, she argues that the active political leaders of the Victory Front (FpV) have to make the complicated state of the economy remains their main talking point to beat the Macri administration in the battle for public perception and support: “Oscar, it’s all about the economy today, money can buy less and less, people are practically paying the same for apartment expenses as what they pay for rent,” Fernández says.

José López Scandal

Finally, the former President downplays the scandal brought on by José López, the former Secretary of Public Works during the three Kirchner administrations, who was caught red-handed throwing roughly US$ 9 million and an assault rifle into an alleged convent — plot twist it was NOT actually a convent — in the district of General Rodríguez. “The José López thing is going to fade and they will make up something similar in the future… Honestly, I don’t know what they think will happen because they are staying on it too much because they can’t solve the economic situation,” posits Fernández. López is currently in preemptive custody in the Ezeiza compound while the multiple cases he is charged in are being processed following the bizarre events progress.