2017/05/30, Producción de fotos Metrobus del Bajo Foto: Enrico Fantoni/GCBA

The City’s newest Metrobus line was inaugurated by the President today. The new addition to Buenos Aires’ city planning scheme of bus lanes is to be found in the “El Bajo” area of the City, running along Paseo Colón and Leandro Alem for some 2.9 kilometers, with 25 stops. It runs between Plaza San Martín to its north and in the south by Independencia, although the city government has said that in 2018 it’s set to be extended a further 3 kilometres and will reach La Boca. The current trajectory of the Metrobus has it covering one of the worst traffic areas of Capital (which is saying something), connecting San Telmo, Puerto Madero and Retiro.

The City’s eighth Metrobus line will include more buses than any other, and is predicted to be the most used, with 300,000 daily users. It’s part of a wider Metrobus system throughout the City, with bus lanes designed to improve traffic conditions and journey times for tens of thousands of commuters.

A 30 percent rise in use of all of the lanes is expected, meaning fewer cars in the area and on the city streets in general. Travel time is expected to be reduced by 45 percent in some areas. The project has seen an investment of AR $260 million.

The inauguration of this first part of the route took place today at 11:45 AM. In addition President Mauricio Macri, the Chief of City Government Horacio Rodríguez Larreta and national Transport Minister Guillermo Dietrich were all also in attendance.