Photo via Ambito

President Mauricio Macri weighed in on the possibility that his predecessor, Cristina Fernández de Kirchner, will compete in the next midterm elections for the first time yesterday. He clarified that “everyone has the right to run” but pointed out that he’s not “worried about it because she expresses things that have hurt Argentina a lot.”

Speaking at a press conference in the city of Corrientes, Macri went on to highlight the differences between the party he leads and the former administration, and said he was confident that “most people will recognize the change, against those who bankrupted the country.” His statements came the same day that the Mayor of the Avellaneda district in the Buenos Aires Province, Jorge Ferraresi, assured the former president will be a candidate in October’s elections.

Moreover, he accused Fernández of “not investing in energy, infrastructure, not taking care of the currency, and making inflation hurt the workers again.”

“All of those things, which have been very harmful, are the ones that we are trying to fix, because they left an extremely deteriorated country,” he added.

The president traveled to Corrientes to partake in an event with local retirees, as well as celebrating the electoral victory of his party’s representative, Eduardo Tassano, in the city’s mayoral elections that took place last Sunday. When speaking about the elections, Macri said that “what happened in the province will be repeated across the country.”

“Change will win in October,” he finished.