The first public bust of President Mauricio Macri was unveiled over the weekend in the Córdoba town of Villa Ascasubi. The bust was placed in the town’s Square of Democracy, some 120 Kilometres from the capital of Córdoba. The town that is home to 3,000 people is well known for its sculptures.

The Square of Democracy was created in 1983 and now features six busts of democratically elected presidents,  including former president Cristina Fernández de Kirchner.


The project was the brainchild of Mayor Zully Fonseca and backed by husband and provincial legislator Fernando Silva. Both were supporters of the previous government, yet gave justification for the Macri bust on the basis that Macri was elected democratically. The bust was created by “popular vote” she told La Voz del Interior.

Whatever their intent, it seems evident the bust violates a provincial law that forbids setting up “statues or tributes” to a living person. Still, they are hardly the first to violate that law