Macri's probably not amused he has to spend the feriados speaking about "imposters". Photo via El Despertador

The Argentine footballing world has been under fire from President Mauricio Macri in a recent press conference. “Football is in a terminal crisis, perhaps worse than we’ve seen in this country. And I see that the leaders avoid the topic every time… they don’t take things seriously enough” said Macri. Leaving no stone unturned he also compared the clubs to tax defrauders in Argentina.

This led to him reminding the public that the Fútbol para Todos program will no longer exist, a decision that was made back in July. This government-sponsored program has broadcasted the national football league on public television since 2009. Now clubs will need to find a company willing to pay the money they demand for tv rights. “Six months ago they knew the drill, so I hope they have planned how they will continue from February“ said Macri.

Negotiations are ongoing between managers and companies. In November, broadcaster Tuner and Fox aimed to have the rights for 15 years, offering a sum equating to 165 million dollars for the first year of transmission, however this was deemed as insufficient. Executives are asking for AR $3.5 billion for televising rights.

Macri’s recent comments have not sat well with various figures, most notably Chairman of Veléz, Raúl Gámez, “He’s a son of a bitch, it’s a scoundrel that football had this type of pretentious, arrogant, rubbish of an Argentine president who doesn’t have the pardon of the gods, it’s total rubbish, a guy that we have to be very careful of.” expressing his discontent with Macri.

“We are very disorganized and therefor there is no solution” said head of Racing Club, Víctor Blanco adding that “It’s nothing new what Macri said, but I do not agree with suffocating the clubs”.

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