Massa and Macri in Jujuy, partying like it's a post-Kirchnerite world.

Remember when, while being under Kirchnerite rule, the mere act of talking to your political enemy (not opponent) was considered to be the highest act of treason because Peronism or something?

Today was another reminder that Kirchnerism – and the extreme partisanship that came with it – is long gone.

In order to celebrate the beginning of Carnival, President Mauricio Macri and First Lady Juliana Awada today joined the festivities in Jujuy along with governor Cambiemos Gerardo Morales. And lo and behold, who was there dancing awkwardly with them? Frente Renovador leader Sergio Massa who, despite being a political opponent (who has already admitted he wants to run against Macri in 2019), happily joined the presidential couple to prove that you can behave in a civilized manner when hanging out with your political opponent.

If you’re looking to celebrate like them but you’re stuck in Buenos Aires, here’s a list of things to do this weekend. Enjoy!