Photo via MinutoUno

At the end of Macri’s opening speech at yesterday’s legislative session, a legislator from Misiones approached him and handed him a bag of yerba mate. The legislator claims it was a symbolic peace offering in solidarity with the simultaneous Yerbatazo that was taking place in Plaza de Mayo. According to InfoNews, Macri allegedly asked the President of the Lower House, Emilio Monzó, what the legislator had given him and may have referred to her as being “out of line” as a result of the interaction.

Legislative President Emilio Monzó responded with context, saying “She is a legislator from Misiones. This is yerba.”

The Misiones Province grows the majority of mate in Argentina, and the Misiones legislator’s gift was meant to inform Congress about the protest taking place down Avenida de Mayo in front of the Casa Rosada over wage concerns from mate growers.

A few moments after the exchange, Macri raised the mate up and smiled as he prepared to leave the chamber.

With campaign season gearing up ahead of the midterm elections, Macri clearly has a lot on his plate. This move, whether out of line or not, has certainly gotten both Macri’s and the public’s attention.