Show me the money!

The Macri administration hopes an ambitious schedule of public work tenders will bring up to US $26 billion in foreign investments in the next five years through public-private partnerships (PPPs). These investments would be part of the larger Public-Private Partnerships Plan, passed in 2016, which was presented to construction and financial executives at the Kirchner Cultural Center this week. Both Cabinet Chief Marcos Peña and Anticorruption Office Secretary Laura Alonso lauded the plan as a way to promote further transparency and competition in the procurement processes for public works.

Finance Minister Luis Caputo expressed that there is an enormous need to invest in Argentine infrastructure. He also said that that the PPP initiatives are “key tools” which will allow investment to increase up to 60 percent from year to year. Caputo also stated that infrastructure investment will be one of the central topics for Argentina during next year’s G20 conference, which will take place in Buenos Aires.

In 2018, the Argentine Treasury will dedicate 1.9 percent of its GDP to infrastructure.

Next year’s tenders include US $5.2 billion in projects, primarily within the transportation, communications, and technology sectors. In the last week, the Ministry of Transportation opened a US $16.7 billion tender process for Safe Routes and Highway Network development for 7,277 km of roads.