By now we are all used to Luis D’Elía‘s antics. The former piquetero leader and current ultra-Kirchnerite fanatic from La Matanza is known for his incendiary and controversial tweets, which he posts whenever he feels he needs to defend President Cristina Fernández de Kirchner from criticism.

He’s the ultimate bully, who usually puts common sense to the side in order to defend his position and WRITES IN ALL CAPS (although he probably does it because he likes it, not because he knows in internet language that’s the equivalent of yelling) to draw attention. He stands with Iran, fights imperialism and despises Clarín. You know how it is. He just repeats Kirchnerite slogans ad nauseam and resembles more of a cult follower than a political activist.

Today he may have crossed the line.

Ever since last Saturday’s scandalous photo in which former congressional candidate Martín Insaurralde (a Kirchnerite) was seen talking casually to his former enemy Sergio Massa (an opponent who beat him by a 10-point margin) at a social event, D’Elía has been calling him a traitor. Because as you all know:  Civilized behavior = Treason.

So today D’Elía kept attacking Insaurralde’s betrayal, and attacked his girlfriend, actress/model Jésica Cirio. And he used a pun in Spanish that I will have to explain, but here’s what he said first.

“Guess who’s become a fervent follower of the Catholic Church? Martín Insaurralde, because he’s like, chupa, Cirio.”

Now, I know in English it doesn’t make sense. But in Spanish, whenever someone spends a lot of time in church, you call them a chupacirios as an insult (a cirio is the large altar candle that you see in mass). Apparently sucking on those candles is synonym with extreme religiosity.

And guess what. Insaurralde happens to be dating a woman named Jésica Cirio. So when he jokes about a “chupa, Cirio” instead of “chupacirios,” he is saying “suck on it, Cirio.” Get it? It’s a blowjob joke.

Also, having to explain a joke this way is insufferable, even more when the joke is terrible.

But anyway. His dumb joke caught the attention of City legislator Gabriela Cerruti – who is a Kirchnerite like him – and she wasn’t happy about it. So she decided to reply.

“That’s terrible… We are a political project led by a woman who defends respect and gender equality. This is just sad.”

Big mistake, Gabriela. You don’t criticize D’Elía without expecting some sort of blowback. And boy was there blowback.

“Clearly no one is sucking you.”

Boom. Congratulations Luis, now that Guillermo Moreno is gone, I guess we can say you’re ready to take over his place as the most despicable political figure in the Kirchnerite ranks, sir. The difference is that despite Moreno’s bullish attitude, his antics were somehow amusing. You? You’re just a douche.

Fortunately Gabriela Cerruti decided to properly ignore him, despite the Twittersphere’s calls for blood.

“Don’t expect me to reply to him. I’m just glad he found a side in which he is similar to Lanata.”

Slow clap.