Low cost flights in Argentina are one step away from becoming a reality, as the first plane from Spanish airline Flyest touched down in the Jorge Newbery airport yesterday. Flyest, which will offer routes to the cities of Sante Fe, Rosario and Mar del Plata, arrived just two days after president Mauricio Macri gave many interested low-cost airlines green light to operate throughout the country, in bid to usher a revolution in air travel in Argentina.

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After greeting plane’s crew, Transportation Minister Guillermo Dietrich said that “the increase in the number of flights being offered means that more Argentines will fly because they will have more options in matters concerning connectivity, destinations and price.” “It also creates quality employment,” he added.

The minister went on to say that “this is part of the transformation we are doing to promote air transport and with it, connectivity, the development of tourism and regional economies”

The company is set to bring three more with plans and aims at creating 120 direct jobs (pilots, crew members and other employees, all Argentina) and one thousand indirect ones in the process. The first flight this month will be from the Aeroparque to Montevideo.

According to the “National Plan of Aerial Transport Transformation” presented by Macri on Monday, there are 12 million potential passengers who don’t take planes right now, but would if a low cost alternative existed. As a result of this, the plan aims at having Aerolíneas Argentinas develop a commercial strategy that allows it to attract 4 million of those passengers, something that would allow it to continue being the most used airline in the country.