Say hello to the first Argentine low-cost airline with the most unconventional name, FlyBondi.

And it looks that after many comings and goings, FlyBondi has its first plane ready to take off in the first month of 2018. Its new Boeing 737-800 was unveiled this morning at the Aeroparque airport in the city, although the location was just for show since the plane will initially use the city of Córdoba as a hub and will fly to Iguazú, Mendoza and Bariloche.

FlyBondi has been leased a total of ten aircrafts that will be unveiled during the rest of the coming year. But for now, the first 189-seat plane will be flying from Córdoba to Bariloche. Don’t despair, though. CEO Julian Cook apparently said today that they expect the airline to begin operating from the El Palomar airport before the end of January.

Oh, you don’t know what El Palomar airport is? Well, you better get acquainted with the name because you’re going to start hearing a lot more about it. Until now, Buenos Aires usually dealt with the Ezeiza and Aeroparque airports. But now the El Palomar military airport is joining the team, since low-cost airlines such as FlyBondi and Norwegian Argentina are expected to start flying to and from there.

According to Infobae, Cook says flights between Córdoba and Buenos Aires are coming and will be priced at AR $788 (before tax), which I guess means you can expect it to go above a thousand pesos for sure.

He did say, however – and let’s take this with a grain of salt – that they are considering whether in this early stage the company can absorb the cost of additional taxes so fares remain low and people can afford cheaper tickets. Of course, don’t forget that this is a low-cost airline we’re taking about here. This means that if you want a meal during the flight you’ll have to pay for it. And if you want to check a bag, you’ll also have to pay for it.

Infobae says each checked bag (of up to 25 kilos) will cost between AR $150 and AR $250.

The aircraft unveiled today is named after Cook’s dog, Nelson. And it looks like the name of the second plane will be chosen by people on the internet. Let’s just hope the whole thing doesn’t backfire and we end up calling it Planey McPlaneface or something like that.