Despite the recent news that a judge determined that Flybondi, the Transportation Ministry, and the National Administration of Civil Aviation (ANAC) had to “abstain from beginning aero-navigation activities in the El Palomar airport until the National Airport Regulator authorizes the environmental impact assessment,” the low-cost airline began selling tickets yesterday and CEO Julian Cooke assures flights will begin taking off on February 10.

La Nación and Infobae reported yesterday that starting next month, Flybondi will begin flying in 16 of the 43 domestic routes that the company has been authorized to operate in. For now, only four planes will be operational, flying from El Palomar (in the Greater Buenos Aires area), Córdoba and Mendoza. Cheap flights are better found when purchased at least ten days in advance, according to the company.

“Purchases made until January 19 can be paid in up to 24 installments at zero interest, depending on which credit card you use,” La Nación says, and adds that passengers will be allowed to check in one bag of up to 25 kilos, a carry-on of up to 12 kilos and a handbag of up to 6 kilos.

Passengers will also be able “check in online and obtain a digital boarding pass.”

“They will also have the option of paying an extra fee for priority boarding and checking in a second bag… The company says they will continue to slowly roll out new routes until they complete the 33 they were authorized to cover in 2018.”

When it comes to prices, well… they seem to be pretty convenient. La Nación reports that a one-way trip from El Palomar to Cordoba costs AR $697; to Posadas, AR $774; to Mendoza, AR $898; to Salta, AR $1089; to San Salvador de Jujuy, AR $1118 and Bariloche, AR $1238.

“Tickets will also be available between Córdoba and Mendoza (AR $425, one-way), Iguazú (AR $964, one-way) and Bariloche (AR $1188, one-way). There will also be flights between Mendoza and Bariloche (AR $848, one-way) and Iguazú (AR $1187, one-way).”