Photo via La Nación.

Seems there’s something in the air in Buenos Aires province because the number of same-sex couples saying “I do” has risen dramatically this year. In the first six months of the year, 932 gay marriages took place in Buenos Aires province  more than in all of 2015, when 857 got hitched.

The number of same-sex couples taking the plunge has been rising steadily since 2010, when marriage equality became the law of the land in Argentina. That year there were 346 same-sex marriages, increasing to 669 in 2011, 522 in 2012, 458 in 2013 and 519 in 2014.

The increase in number of same-sex marriages per year marks a change in attitude, says Romina Rodríguez, the director of the provincial civil registry. “The increase in same-sex marriages over these six years is obviously a result of the law, but also of the changing acceptance,” Rodríguez told state-run news agency Télam.

Still even if they’re rising, the numbers of same-sex marriages remain tiny, accounting for only 1.43 percent of all marriages in Buenos Aires province over the past six years.