Cage the Elephant performing at Lollapalooza 2017. (Photo via Junín al Minuto)

The countdown to Lollapalooza version 5.0 is finally over. Since the official line up was released back in October, it’s felt like a hell of a wait, but at long last it’s here. The first Lollapalooza in Argentina to be a full three days and with an expected audience of 500,000, it’s sure to be a banger.

With one of the most eclectic line-ups in years to date, all bases should be covered. A cliché to say, but there really should be something for everyone – from the most basic among us, to the alternative cool kids.

(Photo via Perfil)
(Photo via Perfil)


If you’re going, you’ve hopefully picked up your ticket by now and have somehow figured out their cashless system (you have to load your wristband with money in order to buy food/drink) and you’re ready to go.

Or maybe you’ve only just realized that all your friends are off to San Isidro this weekend and you’re now feeling left out. Tickets for a day or even the full weekend are still a possibility (via stubhub), you’ll just have to be willing to fork out upwards of AR $5,500 for a Friday ticket or AR $6,200 for the whole weekend.

(Photo via Gamba FM)
(Photo via Gamba FM)


If you do happen to be going, here’s The Bubble’s day-by-day guide to being a pro Lollapalooza goer and seeing absolutely everyone you’ve heard of, as well as all the can’t-miss up and coming types.


The three-day Lollapalooza weekend will really kick off with a bang with many of the big names playing a Friday set. Without being a buzzkill, a little pre-planning will go a long way and mean you can see almost everyone you want to see.

Anyone who’s into rock will obviously want to see the US rock band Red Hot Chili Peppers. Returning to Lollapalooza AR for the first time since 2014, they’ll be headlining on Main Stage 1.

The Red Hot Chilli Peppers performing at Lollapalooza back in 2014. (Photo via Youtube)
The Red Hot Chilli Peppers performing at Lollapalooza back in 2014. (Photo via Youtube)


But before they take to the stage, be sure to take in British psychedelic rock band Royal Blood on Main Stage 2. Once you’re there you may as well also see Las Vegas based rock band Imagine Dragons. Having spectacularly risen in popularity over the last couple of years, their thunder drumming and electrifying guitar strumming will be sure to bring the metaphorical roof down.

For some indie rock, Spoon, who you might remember as the band from the O.C series, will be playing a set on the Alternative Stage. Argentine Electropop duo Miranda! will also be taking to Main Stage 1 for a Friday afternoon set – totally worth skipping work for!


If you’re not all that into rock, Friday is also a day for new age hip-hop and rap.

Anderson Paak alongside his band the Free Nationals are not to be missed. Creating music that is near impossible to place into one musical genre, it’s definitely catchy. Think R&B come soulful hip-hop with jazzy undertones, and you’ll be somewhere near to what his music is.


Chance the Rapper is best known for his energized, crowd cheering performances where audiences are happy to sing along anything – even Biblical gospel lyrics.

(Photo via Chicago Tribune)
(Photo via Chicago Tribune)


Today the Alternative Stage is a pretty big deal, with plenty of global acts on the lineup. Secretive alt-pop duo Oh Wonder will be playing their ethereal and serene tunes, later on followed by Zara Larsson, Swedish singer responsible for phenomenal hit “Lush Life.”


You definitely already know that crowd pleasers The Killers will be headlining the Main Stage 1 tonight. If you’re prepared to do some stage hopping and run, you can catch Lana Del Rey just before The Killers’ set. But before you make a pilgrimage just to see those two, make sure not to miss out on the gold that Saturday’s lineup has to offer.

The Killers performing in Las vegas. (Photo via NME)
The Killers performing in Las vegas. (Photo via NME)


Seeing back-to-back Macs on the Alternative Stage is definitely a good idea. De Marco whose wacky sense of humor along with unpretentious singer song writer style offers a fresh stance on the usually outlandish music scene.

The next Mac to follow will be Miller. Described as soulful rap, Miller likes to write about Donald Trump as well as his girlfriend. Crowd pleaser “Dang” may even include an appearance from Anderson Paak – we can only hope so.

Branding themselves as standoffish funk, quirky alternative pop British band Metronomy will also be performing.



As the festival comes to a close for 2018, Sunday is your last day to live the ‘Lolla’ dream. With plenty of lesser-known alternative bands on the roster, today is the day to try something new.

Combining a love of blues and rock, Argentine band Los Espiritus are not to be missed.


Don’t skip out on Chilean born Mon Laferte, known for her mix of electronic music with rock and blues. As one of Latin America’s most successful contemporary artists, Mon Laferte has scored over 110 million YouTube views for her debut single “Amárrame.” See her on the Alternative Stage.

Mon Laferte. (Photo via Tvn)
Mon Laferte. (Photo via Tvn)


Home grown porteño band Isla de Caras, known for their sensual psychedelic tones, will most likely hold you in a trancelike state during their lunchtime set.

Head to Lollapalooza’s website to see the full list of acts as well as the complete schedule.


Located in the northern suburbs outside of the capital, San Isidro shouldn’t be too much of a hassle to get to. Plan your way back though, since some transport options will stop working as the night goes on.


Cheap and convenient, there is a direct train from Retiro station to San Isidro. For the first time, trains along the Mitre-Tigre line will be running until 2:30 AM specially for Lollapalooza.

Car / Taxi 

A quick drive of around 20-30 minutes from the capital, you could take the Panamericana highway or Avenidas Cabildo – Maipú – Centenario, which will take you directly to the Hipódromo. Taxis will of course be *extremely* pricey (and scarce) on the way back, but could be reasonable shared on the way there between a group.


You have the option of the number 60 running through Avenida Centenario, or both the 15 and 21 running through the Panamericana. Either way, when you spot the body glitter and platform sandals, you’ll know you’re near.

Party Buses

If you’re coming from Palermo, the party buses running from Chicken Bros (Thames 1795)  may prove to be the most fuss-free (and fun) option. Leaving everyday at around 2:30 PM and leaving the festival at 1:30 AM, a round trip will cost you just AR $250. You’ll also be able to grab some exclusively discounted chicken and beer before heading to the festival, where the food is super overpriced. Make a reservation through their Facebook page.


If you’ve been a little too slow this time around and haven’t managed to get your hands on any kind of ‘Lolla’ ticket, you may just be able to get into a few of the side shows (be quick – Anderson Paak is already sold out).

Liam Gallagher

Wednesday, March 14 – DirecTV Arena


Thursday, March 15 – Teatro Vorterix

David Byrne

Monday, March 19 – Teatro Gran Rex

Zara Larsson & Oh Wonder

Thursday, March 15 – Niceto Club



Wednesday, March 21 – Teatro Vorterix

To buy tickets, head to the Lollapalooza official site.