Foto Via: Data24

Mayor of the General Ramírez district, in the Province of Entre Ríos, José Gustavo Vergara, claimed that a resident poured boiling water from a thermos on him when carrying out a door-belling (timbreo): an activity usually resorted to by members of the Cambiemos coalition, where government officials or candidates to public office randomly —  or at least that’s what they claim —  ring the doorbell of citizens in the territory and listen to the needs and complaints of those who want to open their doors to them. In this case, he was conducting the timbreo in the context of the party’s national campaign ahead of the midterm primary elections, which will take place on August 13.

In an interview with TN, Vergara said that he was talking to a resident when “a woman who lives half a block away” came on to him to — along with her mother and husband — vehemently communicate him her discontent with the fact that she had recently been fired from City Hall.

“She got close and started with the argument, to protest. Her mother also came and started hitting things. I was with my political secretary. They came close, took a thermos with boiling water from me and poured it on me,” he recalled. Vergara went on to say that they also threw a mate at his head, and that the woman’s husband also verbally assaulted him.

The burns which will take approximately 21 days to heal. The injuries’ degree was confirmed by the doctor assigned to the case.