Oh, what’s that? The streets have converted into lush tunnels of greenery, a warm breeze has begun to stir, and there’s a flush of renewed optimism and naturally provided allergens in the air? Well we can’t stop those seasonal allergies from blossoming into a full-on sinus infection, but we can give you more than enough musical options to make this long weekend one for the books (assorted respiratory illnesses notwithstanding).

Remember: if you’re a musician with a gig coming up and you’d like us to feature it here on The Setlist, we are officially receiving suggestions! Just send it along to our email address: setlist@thebubble.com.

Wednesday | October 11

Srta. Trueno Negro at Fiesta Jolie!

Indie rock band Srta. Trueno Negro will be playing a couple of ditties off their latest EP ‘ ¿Qué quieres que te diga?’ as well as songs from the rest of their repertoire at the LGBTIQ-friendly Fiesta Jolie. And it’s free! What else could you possibly want on a Wednesday night?

10 PM | FREE | Av. Juan B. Justo 1658

Queimada + Encias play La Comunidad del Sotano

If your answer to the above question was “umm, layers upon layers of distortion, DUHHH,” then we have got the show for you. Psychedelic stoner rock band Queimada and gritty garage rockers Encias play La Comunidad del Sotano in what just might be the filthiest, hardest sounding show ‘a la gorra’ this unforgiving town has ever seen. Seriously, these allergies are killing us you guys. Please send help.

9 PM | Pay What You Want | La Comunidad del Sotano | Nicasio Oroño 2480,

Thursday | October 12

Amor en la Isla + Playa Grande + Juanitzo y el Lobo

Vamos, vamos a plaaaaaya (yeah, don’t ask). In this rather beachy show, sunny surf pop band Amor en la Isla, fuzzy dream pop combo Playa Grande, and lo-fi indie rock duo Juanitzo y el Lobo will all be playing a triple header with enough reverb and prominent guitars to make a nice midwestern girl like me swoon.

8 PM | Kirie Music Club | Boliva 813

IndieFuertes: Tan Frío El Verano & Somaluna

The concert series formerly known as Martes Indiegentes has rebranded itself as the considerably less cringey Indiefuertes, with the continued aim to put the spotlight on the strongest and most relevant sounds in Buenos Aires. For its first edition, Indie Vinotinto, Indiefuertes presents post rock act/art collective Tan Frío El Verano and power pop trio Somalunar, both hailing from Venezuela.

8 PM | AR $150 | Niceto Club | Niceto Vega 5510

Mauro Valenti, Johnny P, & Muñecas Play Liverpool Bar

Gotta love a show with a little bit of something for everyone. Psychedelic rock band Muñecas, lounge-y big band Johnny P, and eclectic songwriter Mauro Valenti play Liverpool Bar in what could be one of the most diverse band lineups we’ve seen so far this year.

9 PM | AR $60 | Liverpool bar palermo| Arévalo 1376

Ex-Colorado + Ruido Blanco + Emilyann // Emiliana

Dreamy krautrock project Ex Colorado presents his first LP ‘Siete Mares’ along with noise pop band Ruido Blanco and folk pop singer songwriter Emilyann // Emiliana.

11 PM | AR $80 | Naranja Verde | Av. Santa Fe 1284

Friday | October 13th

Ciclo Nuevo Puerto vol. 12

Puerto Nuevo is back at Naranja Verde for its 12th edition, this time featuring electro rock duo Acid Caramels, psychedelic rockers Cristos, post punk outfit Sentidos Alterados, and Chilean space rock band Cuarto Flotante (desde Chile). There will als be a DJ live set courtesy of Giunta DJs, records from Kamafeo Discos and Minima Discos, and an expo by Byron Hasky.

11 PM | AR $90 | Naranja Verde | Av. Santa Fe 1284

Jay Bird presenta su disco y se despide de Argentina

Gypsy blues musician Jay Bird will be simultaneously presenting his latest album and playing his last show in Argentina in full band format. In charge of opening the show will be local bluesman Leonardo Parra Castillo.

12AM | $150 | Lucille | Gorritti 5520

Fiesta Cool Ghost #29

CGR Discos presents the 29th edition of Fiesta Cool Ghost, with slacker pop wunderkind Pablo Neptuno, dancehall artist Galanjah, and party rock band Los Bagayos de Ramallo. Plus a photography expo by Rocío Frigerio, live DJ sets,  record stands, and much, much more.

11:00 PM | AR $70 | Espacio Cultural Mi Casa | Aguero 787

Saturday | October 14

Ciclo Abismal #7 El Sur Juan Lopez Contenti Fabricio Algo

Ciclo Abismal returns from the depths of the indie music abyss for its 7th edition with a fine selection of the most relevant  bands in the scene. On this occasion, the lineup consists of our favorite noise  band El Sur, dream pop acts Juan Lopez & Contenti, and new wave/r&b outfit Fabri.

11 PM | $80 AR | Espacio Cultural Mi Casa | Aguero 787

FF#62 / Cuarto Flotante / Los Feriados / Metadron / GDJs

Fuck Folk, a.k.a. the show series I’d never, ever take my parents to, is celebrating its 62nd edition with a special space-themed event. Live music duties will be shared by Chilean space rock (duh) band Cuarto Flotante, shoegaze-y drone ensemble Los Feriados, and the trippy synthgasm of METADRON. All of this, plus a 100% vinyl DJ set by Giunta DJs to bring you back to Earth.

9 PM | Club Plasma | Piedras 1856

Balvanera Hier Black Pope DJ Tmsstt En Vivo! Cc Sandino

Darkwave outfit Balvanera, experimental noise project Black Pope, and mysterious techno artist Hier will all be playing at CC Sandino, offering us normies a glimpse into the fascinating world of experimental electronic music.

10 PM | $40 | CC Sandino | Scalabrini Ortiz 277

Sunday | October 15

Susi Pireli/Pergamusi/Violeta Castillo En VIVO + Diosque DJ SET

Who loves pop music? WE DO. And so do the good people at Roseti, praise be. To satisfy all of our springtime pop cravings, we have a triple bill sure to thrill: Electropop duo Susi Pireli (aka Paula Trama & Inés Copertino), experiemental pop act Pergamusi (aka Bruno MasinoAndrés F RuizDiego Martinez & Damian Cubilla), and Violwta Castillo, presenting her recent album “Errorws de tipeo.” And if that weren’t enough, local pop prince Diosque will be DJing between sets all night.

9PM | AR $100 | Roseti | Roseti 722

Stoneich Acid Club #1

Stoneich Acid Club opens its door for its first edition ever, featuring folk n’ roll band Excursionistas, psychedelic rockers Flores de Sinaloa, garage rock combo Los Bluyines, trippy psych-blues act Los Acidos, and space rock band Cuarto Flotante. There will also be a pop-up record shop with Minima Discos’ catalog, and expos by Byron Hasky and Big Head Laboratorio.

8 PM | AR $80| Espacio Cultural Dinamo | Sarmiento 3096