Well butter our biscuit and call us the alt-left, there sure are a lot of false equivalencies floating around these days. But no matter how many actual Nazis our heads of state fail to condemn, or how many times our countrymen vote against their own interests, we at The Setlist are committed to upholding our humble institution’s promise to lift your spirits every Wednesday morning (or afternoon, if we’re feeling particularly woebegone), with a fresh batch of live music. So take heart, boys and squirrels, and read on to see what this week has to offer.

ps. Next Wednesday (and every other Wednesday thereafter) Evy will be representing The Setlist as a judge at POMO, Distrito de Arte‘s new battle of the bands Zona Roja Cup. Mark your calendars (if you’re into that kind of thing).

Wednesday | August 16

Radar Música: Los Andes + Manu Hattom + Mermelada de Morcilla

Just as on every Wednesday, Radar Música is back with more FREE live music to shake off those mid-week blues. This time, power-pop supergroup Los Andes will be sharing stage with eclectic singer-songwriter Manu Hattom, and Mermelada de Morcilla, a band that, name aside, deserves props for dropping a line like ‘you used to pick on me in school, now you’re just a fat wuss’, while delivering it in an utterly romantic, crooner-like fashion.

  6 PM |  FREE | Centro Cultural Recoleta | Junin 1930

Thursday | August 17

Motor Pop #3: Atrás Hay Truenos & El Asesino del Romance

Third time’s the charm, and Motor Pop #3 is no exception. For this edition, El Asesino del Romance and their existentialist love songs meet LAPTRA acolytes Atrás Hay Truenos for an indie rendezvous that promises to leave us wanting more. 

8:30 PM | AR $100 | Espacio Tucumán | Suipacha 140

Dark Side of The Party #13

Dark Side of The Party is back for its thirteenth edition with all sorts of DIY greatness and kick-ass live music shows. The stage will be shared by psychedelic indie pop band Césped, post-rock trio La venganza de Cheetara, devotional space rockers Medalla Milagrosa, and Solar, a band that we know nothing about, except that they suck at social media. All that, plus the usual art exhibits, DJ sets, and a fair where you can buy goodies straight from the artist. Don’t say we didn’t tell y’all!

8 PM | AR $60 before 9:30, AR $80 after | El Emergente Almagro | Francisco Acuña de Figueroa 1030

Dallas en el festival “Nueva Ola!

Festival Nueva Ola takes Liverpool by storm with performances by electro-rockers Dallas, new wave band Polvo, Tawer (might wanna spellcheck that guy, but OK), dude rock outfit Cachilo y Los Sommeliers, and Nova, a band that, judging by the only video we could find of theirs, may or might not be a Strokes cover band.

9 PM | AR $90 | Liverpool bar palermo| Arévalo 1376

Las Ligas Menores & Tall Juan at Matienzo

Self-described as ‘latino Elvis meets The Ramones’, Argentine-born punk rock crooner and Queens resident Tall Juan will be playing a live show at Club Cultural Matienzo as part of his South American Tour 2017 that will take him through Argentina, Chile, and Uruguay. Joining him on stage will be LAPTRA indie darlings Las Ligas Menores.

9 PM | AR $170 |Club Cultural Matienzo | Pringles 1249

Jueves de Terror : El Triángulo /Transmutar/ Monje/ Sabiasangre

Terror Producciones presents Jueves de Terror, a series of spooky live music shows that will either scare the bejesus out of your sorry behinds or just might introduce you to your new favorite band. For this edition, psych-stoners El Triángulo, hard rock band Transmutar, doom metal mages MONJE, and sludge rockers SABIASANGRE will be performing live in addition to live DJ sets and a fair where you can buy errythang from t-shirts to music in physical formats.

11 PM | ARS $50| Club V | Corrientes 5008

Friday | August 18

Ciclo Dorado Agosto: Valdes, Hembro & Tirman Kid

Studio Live opens its doors for another edition of Ciclo Dorado, a concert series with the M.O. of bringing fresh, upcoming artists together with visual art expos in a cool, laid-back fashion. Performing live will be pop house duo Valdes (this time playing as a full band), Hembro.exolimpica and their subdued but groovy indie pop vibes, and dream pop outfit Tirman Kid. Plus art expos courtesy of Maria Florencia Cuesta and Riky Lavia Fotografia.

9 PM | AR $180 | Studio Live | Pasaje 5 de Julio 444

Saturday | August 19

El Ciclope Dorado

Illustrations, art, emerging musicians and 8-bit video games – what more could you need on a Saturday night? El Ciclope Dorado (not to be confused with El Ciclo Dorado) hosts all the above, and all at the low low price of “give what you want” – which you should, because these bands are thirsty and they still have to pay for the flete, y’all. In this edition: spooky post-punk trio Cataratas, garagey Brit rockers Qlass, noisey mathrock band haikus, mystery act nachaku (Nacho Sandoval) and experimental electronic artist Black Pope Francis (Hernan Muleiro).

10 PM | FREE (give what you want) | Espacio Cultural 1917 | PM for Address

Los Dias – Verde y los Caballos a Marte – ND en CNB

Los Días continue the presentation of their self-titled album, along with a few new songs. They’re joined by lo-fi space rockers Verde y los Caballos a Marte and musical improv act
Negro Descapotable, who don’t publish music, write songs, or rehearse their shows, instead relying purely on the musical energy of the moment to carry them through live performances. The show is punctual and has an early start time, so you may want to grab your mate to go.

6 PM | Casa Nacional del Bicentenario | Riobamba 985

Sunday | August 20

Indie Go!: Sofía Viola + 107 faunos + Julio y Agosto + Tobogán Andaluz

The third edition of Indie Go! fest has arrived at hippie patio/live music haven Ciudad Cultural Konex and with it another chance for you to check out a fresh assortment of our fine city’s indie rock scene. This edition will feature singer-songwriter Sofía Viola, DIY indie rockers 107 Faunos, the extremely cuddly and harmonious Julio y Agosto, and indie whiz kids Tobogán Andaluz.

12 AM | AR $165 | Ciudad Cultural Konex. | Sarmiento 3131

Cristos + Los Lunes + Excursionistas + Fideo y los del Mondo

El Emergente Almagro opens their doors for yet another lineup worth checking out this week, this time featuring groovy popsters Los Lunes, psychedelic revivalists Cristos, and rockabilly/alt country act Excursionistas. Plus,  “space swing fusion” act Fideo y los del Mondo will be performing a special acoustic set.

11:30 PM | AR ??? | El Emergente Almagro | Francisco Acuña de Figueroa 1030

Ayermaniana + Tremebundos + La Carroña + Flores de Sinoaloa

Experimental prog-rockers Ayermaniana kick off a new concert series featuring all sounds they consider strange and unusual – in a good way. In their first edition, they’ll be joined on stage by beachy blues act Tremebundos, Parana-based rockers La Carroña Rock Basura, and our favorite local acid folk act Flores de Sinaloa

11 PM | AR $80 | La Comunidad del Sotano | Nicasio Oroño 2480