Paz Ferreyra aka singer and rapper Miss Bolivia has long been a supporter of the Ni Una Menos movement and was quick to express her disgust with the femicides that Argentina has been experiencing.  She recently re-issued a powerful rap addressing the issue. 

On Twitter, she showed her disgust at the news of the news that a 16-year-old girl was brutally raped and murdered in Mar del Plata.

“I like the days until I read the news. Another brutal femicide in Mar del Plata. We are very ill”

Here’s a performance of the piece for the Ministry of Culture:

Here’s the full translation of the lyrics:

I went to work but didn’t get there. I went to school but didn’t arrive. I went out to dance and got lost. Suddenly, everything is blurred. My friends look for me there. In the daytime the locals put signs on the block streetlights, on the subte, on the train. I look for my brother. I look for my mother. They lost contact last night. I came on TV, my father spoke, the networks explode and Twitter burns. If they touch one of us they touch us all. Is Femicide trendy? And the judge was at a wedding. And the police participates in the party. And so we see the history of humanity, the history of the disease. Oh fuck how bad we humans are, dude! Stop the killing.

And they say disappeared, because I was on my own. Because my skirt was so short they blame it on me. I was told to say yes. I was killed since birth. They’ve taught me to be a slave, washing and washing from day one, from sunrise to sunset, night and morning, they kill me and all my sisters. Our bodies and our insides hurt. I don’t want you to touch me man, I have no desire for that. They kill me and they infect the human race. They fear the power that ovaries posses. I am this wound that rots and doesn’t heal. They kill me and with me my mother dies. And so continues the history of humanity, the history of disease. Oh fuck how bad we humans are, dude! Stop the killing.  Not one less. We want us alive.