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Keeping up with Argentine politics is no mean feat; after a long day with your nose firmly pressed to the political grindstone, zoning out in front of the TV to stay sane is perhaps the only cure. It may be that the leader of the Civil Coalition and National Deputy for the City of Buenos Aires, Elisa ‘Lilita’ Carrió, subscribes to this theory, as she told MDZ Online Radio that she likes to cosy up with the Kardashians before going to bed.

“I’ve been watching [Keeping up with] the Kardashians,” said the infamously straight shooting legislator, “because all of that reality TV stuff seems crazy to me. One appears to be married for business reasons, and the Dad’s now a woman…it’s really interesting.”

According to Perfíl, Lilita’s nocturnal routine was met with surprise, but if you ask us, it seems to add up. Maybe watching a bunch of dolled-up American socialites transports Carrió out of the stressful political sphere, and back to her days as a beauty queen in Chaco. Or it could be that when the media reported that Carrió was under medical order to rest and reduce stress levels post her heart surgery last year, it were just paraphrasing, and the official prescription was an apple episode a day. Perhaps, satisfied with her work within human rights law, it is her frequent media appearances for which she wants to be remembered, and what better role model than Kim Kardashian, AKA the woman who broke the internet itself. A cry for help is another theory…no one else seems to understand Carriós brand of famous person problems; she was forced to delete a tweet despairing at the rising inflation making Swarovsky jewelry out of reach. If anyone understands the value and necessity of shiny things, its probably the Kardashian Klan.

But maybe we’ve got this all wrong. I like to think that Macri’s new government training program is to make the Kardashians compulsory viewing, with ministers eagerly taking notes in their pyjamas. If we’re frank with ourselves, keeping up with the Kardashians is probably an appropriate boot camp for keeping up with Argentine politics itself (spinoff pitch anyone?). Daniel Scioli’s unexpected baby drama and sexting scandal…the ongoing government vs. teachers union feud…the will she won’t she with CFK and a prison sentence…all would find easy parallels within the Kardashian narrative. Both politicians and socialites have more enemies you can shake a stick at, so there’s something to be learned there…

Lilita in her pre-politics, beauty queens days
Lilita in her pre-politics, beauty queens days

In all seriousness, revealing her comfort-viewing habits may be pretty good publicity for Carrió, who will run in Octobers mid-terms.  The Macri administration is looking for a strong win, in order to have a greater majority in Congress and be in with a better chance of passing the legislation that will support their agenda. Carrió’s party, the Civic Coalition, is part of the Cambiemos Coalition along with Macri’s PRO and the Radical Civil Union (UCR). And Lililta’s viral stardom, and sense of humor and accountability are part of her appeal to younger voters. This time last year, her approval ratings were at 63 percent, her highest in years, and had a considerable edge over Mauricio Macri’s.

But enough of this serious stuff…what was the Netflix password again, babes?