Varas & Otero

In December, Buenos Aires is dressing up in black and turning up the old school heat to celebrate cabaret. More than 95 national and international artists from 19 different companies, will perform at the Teatro Picadero stage from December 3rd onward.

Although the genre is largely aimed at a mature audience, the 9-day event features shows for all ages. The international schedule includes companies from Mexico, such as Las Reinas Chulas and Astrid Hadad, among others; and from Spain, show-woman Roma Calderón is offering a performance from The Lovers. The national line-up features Alejandra Perlusky, Florencia Peña, Omar Calicchio, Carlos Casella, Diego Bros, Melania Lenoir, Noralih Gago, Mónica Cabrera and Carlos Kaspar, alongside numerous others.

Varas & Otero
Varas & Otero

Aside from the official agenda, there’ll be free activities as part of the so-called Zapada Cabaretera, taking place at the Teatro Picadero bar, from December 7th to December 11th — always at 11.15 PM. The activities include not only live performances on the Santos Discépolo passageway, but also conversation workshops to discuss the cabaret genre, introduced by Juan Parodi.


December 3rd to December 11th | from 8 PM


Teatro Picadero | Pasaje Discépolo 1857

How much?

Tickets for all performances are set at AR $250

The Zapada Cabaretera is open to the public, taking place in the theatre bar.