Oh my God, you guys!

It’s like summer out there!!! AGHHHHHHHHHH FINALLY! I mean, it’s totally Winter but if you live in Buenos Aires and decided to leave the house today, you may have noticed that the weather is so unbearably hot*! So let’s all dust off our swim trunks and begin cleaning our swimming pools because this weekend is going to feel just like February.

According to the National Weather Forecast Service, the next three days will be “warm,” so if you’re one of those people who can’t wait for September 21 to get drunk in the Bosques de Palermo and punch someone in the stomach, this is your chance to do so before everyone beats you to the punch (pun is not intentional.) This is your weekend to make it happen. There’s going to be a lot of sunshine, clear skies and all that. So I thought you would appreciate the forecast for the next three days, since you’re always whining about how it always rains on Friday nights, ruining your social plans**.


Lowest: 12°C, Highest: 27°C. And no, we’re not converting to Fahrenheit. You are living in Argentina, get used to thinking like an Argentine. However, 27°C is pretty high for August. The skies may get slightly cloudy in the afternoon but it’s all good.


Lowest: 13°C, Highest: 27°C. Still no chances of rain, so sleep tight tonight. The rain will not ruin your so-called social life.


Lowest: 13°C, Highest: 25°C. “Oh my God, I’m so hungover,” you will probably be saying endlessly to your friends in order to make people think you are a party animal, when in fact you stayed home on Friday night watching a dubbed version of The Empire Strikes Back on I.Sat. Also no rain.


Lowest: 14°C, Highest: 23°C. Sunday blues kick in because even though it’s an amazing day outside, your life still doesn’t feel like one of those fabulous Gancia ads.


Winter returns to remind us all that it actually never left, and the high temperatures were just a sample of how climate change is going to make our lives miserable this summer. And that’s a fact.

Enjoy the weekend!

* It’s not. In fact, it is “kind of” hot, but that’s it. Don’t listen to us.

** “Social” plans that usually involve getting drunk at home with two friends and then visiting some Palermo bar hoping fate will make you cross paths with your future spouse. Not going to happen. Sorry.