I feel like walking after that Big Mac combo. Photo via www.elsindical.com.ar
I feel like walking after that Big Mac combo. (Photo via www.elsindical.com.ar)

If the owner of your cochera is charging you way too much for parking fees, then it’s time to learn from the best.

Leonardo Fariña, that pseudo-celebrity who rose to fame after he was featured on Jorge Lanata’s TV show accusing the Kirchners of tax evasion – only to recant his story a few days later and say he was just trolling – has found the perfect way to keep your car safe without the hassle of paying too much. Leave it to the ultimate evil corporation (or “corpo,” as they call it here) McDonald’s to take the problem out of your hands.

Last October 17 “some guy” parked an Audi TT at the McDonald’s drive-through located on Av. Cabildo and Federico Lacroze, in Belgrano. He told the security guards there that he was Fariña’s bodyguard, that the vehicle had some sort of mechanical problem and that he would be back in a couple of hours. He never did.

A few days later, Fariña himself allegedly showed up, got something from his car and left. After corroborating that the vehicle indeed belonged to Fariña, McDonald’s contacted Federal Judge Sebastián Casanello and asked him to sort out the situation, since he’s the one currently investigating the case involving Fariña. But alas! It turns out that abandoning cars in a fast food parking isn’t a part of the ongoing investigation, so Casanello basically shrugged and said: “Not my problem.”

Fariña is resourceful. He’s great at showing off, he has been simultaneously accused by his former wife-slash-model Karina Jelinek and a bunch of other models of being gay and cheating on his wife with multiple ladies, of being the father of an unconfirmed pregnancy, making out with Ricardo Fort, being a cuckold after his wife´s alleged infidelities, and his quick success as an “entrepreneur” after Lanata spoke of the so-called “K Money Trail” in his show Periodismo Para Todos.

So if you want a safe spot to leave your luxury car, just head to the nearest McDonald’s and dump it there. And while you’re at it have a Big Mac combo and thank Domestic Trade Secretary Guillermo Moreno for its nominal price.