Fein and Moldes. Photo via Conclusion

The second anniversary of Alberto Nisman’s death and the reopening of his case against former President Cristina Fernández de Kirchner — as well as other high ranking Kirchnerite officials — has put the deceased prosecutor’s name at the forefront of the political conversation again.

And same as two years ago, key players in the case clashed over their interpretations regarding the multiple controversial circumstances that surrounded the investigation. In this case, there were two media fights: the first prosecutor in the case, Viviana Fein, again assured the operation she conducted immediately after Nisman’s death was perfectly normal.

However, Federal Prosecutor Germán Moldes begged to differ: he said Fein, along with the rest of those involved in the first operation, “destroyed” the scene where the events took place. Fein also clashed with former spymaster Antonio “Jaime” Stiuso over the content of his complete testimony regarding his involvement in the case, which was leaked to the press today.

We’re just getting started. Federal Judge Sandra Arroyo Salgado, the mother of Nisman’s daughters and plaintiff in the case, was adamant that Diego Lagomarsino, the computer technician who lent Nisman the gun involved in ending his life, had some sort of involvement in what she describes as the prosecutor’s murder. Lagomarsino, on his end, claimed that Arroyo Salgado is a “judge who constantly lies to the people” and that he is “afraid of what she might do.”

Sandra Arroyo Salgado
Sandra Arroyo Salgado

Fein Vs. Moldes (and Stiuso too)

In an interview with Radio Mitre, the former prosecutor — she retired after wrapping up her involvement in the Nisman case — defended the way she conducted the investigation, criticized Stiuso and reiterated that she couldn’t determine the reason for his death due to lack of conclusive evidence.

“In the first place, we did not have any categorical or concrete evidence proving that we were looking at a homicidal act. I was always waiting for results that never came,” she said.

When consulted about Stiuso’s complete testimony in the case, in which he said Nisman was murdered and the Kirchner administration failed to make it look like a suicide, Fein responded: “If the evidence is there, it would be welcomed with open arms. I’m the first one to say.”

The prosecutor went on to defend her actions by saying “the case was taken over by the media”: “They talked about results that never existed.”

However, Prosecutor Moldes, who carried on with Nisman’s accusation once he died, couldn’t disagree more. At the ceremony to honor the late prosecutor organized by the DAIA umbrella organization of Jewish communities in Argentina yesterday, Moldes said Fein, as well as then Security Secretary Sergio Berni, resembled “circus bears, clowns and tightrope walkers” because they “destroyed the evidence at the scene.”

Prosecutor Moldes. Photo via Infobae
Prosecutor Moldes. Photo via Infobae

“I’m saying scene and not crime scene because both of Nisman’s cases [his death and his accusation] are in the federal justice system and I’m still the only prosecutor there. Don’t make me get upset and say things I can’t say,” he said.

Arroyo Salgado Vs. Lagomarsino

In the second media circus ring, Federal Judge, Sandra Arroyo Salgado, again claimed Nisman was “victim of a homicide,” and that Lagomarsino was involved: “Regarding who was responsible for it, I have no doubt about Diego Lagomarsino’s participation because of multiple elements in the case, some of which are in the files, some others that the plaintiff will present [in court]”, she told Perfil.

Diego Lagomarsino, Source: Telam.
Diego Lagomarsino, Source: Telam.

On the other side, Lagomarsino made his way to C5N TV channel to tell his side of the story: “She’s a federal judge who’s constantly lying to the population – that’s extremely serious. I’m afraid of what she might do, today I’m afraid of her.” Two years later, the case and the discussions over what happened and where to go from here remain practically in the same place as where they started.