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You’ve heard it before and you will hear it again: there is another protest going on against the tarifazo, or steep rate hikes implemented by the administration of President Mauricio Macri.

“Traffic is brought to a standstill on the corner of Callao and Corrientes. [Workers’ Leftist Front head] Nicolás del Caño calls for a national strike.”

According to Diario Izquierda, the leftist political groups who gathered at the intersection of Avenida Corrientes and Avenida Callao this morning are protesting with the following goals in mind: 1. making the gas price hikes disappear; 2. receiving answers about the future of the subsidies that were cut when Macri took office; 3. voicing their disapproval of the job cuts and suspensions; 4. demanding a salary that will compensate for increased costs and inflation; 5. abolishing the income tax and 6. promoting the rights of the retired.

According to Perfil, the protesters gathered at 7:30 AM today, obstructing traffic at their starting point due to their numbers. Perfil reports that the organizers of the protest are calling out to their supporters for a “national strike of 36 hours and a plan of action”, to get the Government to comply with their demands. The plan is as follows: the march will take all day wrapping up at 5:00 PM around the Obelisco, from where the protesters will go to Plaza de Mayo to listen to speeches by the prominent figures behind the protest.