Looking for something to spice up your all-too-familiar Tuesday evening? Niceto Club might have just the event to get you moving and energized for the rest of the week. For the first time ever, Niceto Club in Palermo Hollywood will host Lee Fields & The Expressions “one of the most soulful contemporary musicians around,” according to the club’s website.

Fields and his group are currently on a world tour, promoting their most recent studio album released in 2016, “Special Night.” Fields is widely considered to be a member of an exclusive and dying group of veteran soul artists whose story and sound is as authentic as it is emotional.

On “Special Night,” the group experimented with new recording techniques, which have been hailed for adding dimension to the group’s range. For the first time, they used reverb and psych effects as embellishments to their old-time sound. What makes the album truly special, is that it could have been released in the 1970s or 1980s, and still found major commercial success. The opening track — titled, of course, “Special Night” — immediately draws the listener in with a captivating arrangement of keys, strings, and horns layered atop Fields’ soothing voice. “I’m Coming Home” and “Make the World” showcase why Fields & The Expressions have found been able to carve a niche for themselves in the modern, ever-changing music world.

The album’s message could be easily interpreted as being to keep things moving, follow your dreams and to never look back

Tickets are still on sale here, starting at 500 pesos.

If you can’t make it to Lee Fields’ set tonight, keep an eye out on Niceto Club’s event calendar. Horace Andy and the Hugo Lobo Band, a Jamaican duo, are set to appear on June 8th. Then on June 24th, Campo is scheduled to bring their unique style of Latin American Pop music to the intimate Palermo Hollywood stage.