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Lázaro Báez, the main state contractor under the former Kirchnerite administration who’s been under a lot of heat lately for his alleged involvement in a high-profile money laundering case, was arrested this afternoon along with his son Martín after landing in San Fernando, Buenos Aires Province.

Báez was set to appear before Judge Sebastián Casanello on Thursday to answer questions regarding the case investigating the so-called “K Money Trail,” a massive money laundering scheme allegedly orchestrated by high-ranking Kirchnerite officials — or, as many believe, Néstor and Cristina Kirchner.

The case has been under investigation for a few years now but came back full force after the program Periodismo Para Todos, directed by staunchly anti-Kirchnerite presenter Jorge Lanata, revealed a video showing Martín Báez and others implicated in the case counting ridiculous sums of money in a “finance company” many believe was actually a a front to conduct illegal proceedings.

According to Casanello’s warrant, there was enough evidence to believe that the money being counted in the video was related to the K Money Trail, which is why he called the Báez duo in for questioning. The warrant was supposedly issued to avoid the risk of the two fleeing the country, since their alleged involvement in the case would give them the financial means to do so. But, to be clear, they have not been found guilty.