Diego Trujillo as Walter Blanco (Photo/The Hollywood Reporter)
Diego Trujillo as Walter Blanco (Photo/The Hollywood Reporter)

Oh, how we will miss Walter White now that Breaking Bad, one of the best series of all time, is over. But there’s no need to go to rehab in order to cope with your addiction (drug joke, get it?) to that gripping drama.

Turns out that Sony Pictures Television has partnered with Colombia’s Teleset to produce the Latin American version of Breaking Bad, aptly titled Metástasis, which as you can imagine means “metastasis.” And it’s all there. Walter White is called Walter Blanco, Jesse Pinkman is José Miguel Rosas and Skyler White is Cielo Blanco (because, you know, SKYler.)

According to Entertainment Weekly, the series has already been sold to major Latin American markets and Univision’s American UniMas network. And despite the amazing similarities seen in the trailer below, there will be some minor differences, such as Walter and José Miguel driving an old school bus instead of an RV.

Metástasis stars Diego Trujillo as Walter, Robert Urbina as José Miguel and Sandra Reyes as Cielo.

Watch the first trailer for Metástasis below.

(Photo via The Hollywood Reporter)