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City of Buenos Aires Mayor Horacio Rodríguez Larreta led the launching of the new City of Buenos Aires Police Force, made up of officers from both the Metropolitan and Federal  forces. This new force will initially have 23,000 police officers.

“We want you to trust the City security and to be proud of the police,” Larreta said.

The City government had announced earlier this week that it would send a bill to the Legislature to approve a bill to create the City of Buenos Aires Police as part of a broader measure.

“Once that law is approved, the City of Buenos Aires Police will begin to operate. We think that will happen on January 1,” Larreta said. One of the key aspects of this new police force is that it will be led by a civilian. The office of internal affairs will also be run by civilians in an effort to boost transparency.

The uniform: the colors will be light blue for vests and burgundy for shirts and jackets. “They will have a new image,” Larreta said.

Photo via Infonews

Photo via Infonews

As this new Force is a fusion of the Metropolitan with the Federal Police, there are some who are opposed to the transfer, as Clarín reported recently. The City government has taken pains to emphasize officers will not lose any rights by transferring to the new force.