Another day, another roadblock. Today’s round of protests is congregating around the Obelisco. The group of protestors consists primarily of some of the 600 Pepsico workers who were fired from the Vicente López factory a couple of weeks ago when the plant shut down as part of the company’s restructuring plan.

The group, along with other union and community organizations, is blocking parts of 9 de Julio and Corrientes Ave near the Obelisk until this afternoon where protest activity is expected to take place in front of the Congress building.

According to La Nación, the subway union, the teachers’ union UTE-CTERA, the phone workers’ union, and sectionals from Suteba, among others, have come together in a so-called ‘National Fight Day’ to demand the re-opening of the closed factory.

Leandro Gómez, a reported delegate representing the out-of-work Pepsico employees, in conversation with Télam said that the protest is a response to the loss of employment security and added that these workers are joined by “student unions and social and political groups that defend human rights” in the day’s political demonstration.

Members from related workers delegations, such as Mondelez Victoria y Pacheco, FelFort, Unilever, Cresta Roja, and other trades, like MadyGraf, WorldColor, Latam, Falcon, Praxair, also joined the protest. There are parallel protests taking place in Neuquén, Rosario and Córdoba as well.

A public hearing is scheduled for 1 PM in the Congress building to discuss the factory’s closure, which the company justified by saying they wanted to move their production to Mar del Plata, where Pepsico has another plant.