Lagomarsino. Photo by Nicolás Stulberg

Diego Lagomarsino, IT specialist who worked in the AMIA investigation, has been indicted for being a “necessary accessory in the homicide” of former AMIA special prosecutor Alberto Nisman. In addition, Nisman’s bodyguards have been indicted for failing to uphold their duties as public officials, as well as some of them being indicted for covering-up this dereliction of duty.

The indictment was ordered today by Federal Judge Julián Ercolini.

Lagomarsino’s indictment also included a lien worth 15 million pesos, the freezing of his bank accounts and a reaffirmation of the existing court orders against the IT expert: electronic ankle bracelet, restrictions on his travel outside Argentina and the prohibition of being away from his home for more than 24 hours.

Central to the indictment is the fact that Lagomarsino gave Nisman the weapon that fired the bullet that killed him. The IT specialist has maintained that Nisman asked for the weapon, which he has aknowledged as his, for the safety of his daughters, whereas the judge has found that the weapon was used by “third parties” to kill the AMIA prosecutor.

In light of the evidence and expert opinions collected in the case, Ercolini has found that the death was not a suicide and that the last person known to have entered Nisman’s apartment was Lagomarsino. He had worked closely with Nisman, particularly on the prosecutor’s technical equipment, and before today’s events, he had expressed “terror” that an injustice would be committed against him. Today, during an interview, he found out that the indictment had taken place.

The members of the Federal Police security detail who were indicted are also facing liens and the freezing of their bank accounts as well as restrictions on their movements.

Nisman died a few days after filing a criminal complaint against former president Cristina Fernández de Kirchner and others for allegedly seeking to whitewash suspected Iranian involvement in the 1994 bombing of the AMIA Jewish community centre.