If you had a LATAM flight scheduled for today and found yourself punching the walls in light of the 24-hour strike union workers had announced yesterday — fret not. The Labor Ministry decided to use a handy legal tool yesterday afternoon — Conciliación Obligatoria  — which is the labor ministry’s equivalent to calling for binding arbitration, forcing the union to suspend the strike during the negotiation with airline authorities.

From this point on, the Labor Ministry will mediate the bargaining between both parties in an attempt to reach an agreement.

Yesterday morning the Cockpit Workers Association (APTA) announced that many of LATAM Argentina’s workers would go on strike due to, what they felt were the failed negotiations over wages, number of workers fulfilling duties on each plane as well as the continued ambiguity of the specific roles of certain employees.

Company authorities had rejected APTA’s claims and clarified they intended to work normally today. Looks like that plan has some solid footing.