Someone once said to me that “living in Argentina is chaotic; but at least it’s never boring.”

These days I tend to apply the saying to a broader spectrum. When you’ve been immersed in any Latin American culture for some time, you’re forced to become accustomed to many a strange affair. You become prepared for the unexpected. Used to swallowing the oddities that cross your path, should we say. Let’s be frank. The whole world is mad, but if you’re familiar with how things rock on this side of the Atlantic… I think you know where I’m going, right?

Anyhow, Entertainment is one of the prime offenders for odd pickings, particularly in Buenos Aires. However, let’s step outside of Argentina for a second and head to Peru. The music of Peru is mainly made up of charangos, panpipes and flutes. Not many Argentines (or anyone else) can name a Peruvian music group off the top of their heads, but there is one name that stands out, and not for reasons one would perhaps wish.

Wendy Sulca is a young lady from the Chiclayo region of Lima, who shot to internet fame after posting polemic music videos on YouTube of herself singing strange songs like “La Tetita” (“The Tittie”), which would eventually become instant classics and gain millions of followers.

It all began in 2005, at the tender age of 8, when she released the song “Papito, Porque Me Dejaste?” (“Daddy, Why Did You Leave Me?”), an ode to her deceased father Franklin Sulca.

The 2008 version of “La Tetita” has upward of 10,926,462 hits today. Yes. Yes, that’s right, more hits than some presidents get on YouTube (minus Chávez, maybe).

Now, if you watched the video and have no idea what’s being said, all you’ll have seen is a weird set of stuffed animals jumping about and then a young girl screeching and children dancing somewhere in Peru, and things. Listen more carefully to the lyrics and you’ll probably be left not only deafened, but also disturbed. The rough literal translation goes something like this:

“With lots of love and affection for all of the children of Peru!

Day and night, I want to suck on my tittie.

Day and night, I want to suck on my tittie.

Every time I see my mummy, she provokes me with her tittie.

Every time I see my mummy, she provokes me with her tittie.

Yummy, yummy, my tittie is so yummy.”

I’m sorry. You probably really didn’t need to be exposed to this, but heyho.

Here’s another one of her initial masterpieces, where she expresses her want and need to drink beer. She was also eight in this video.

So, where does one go from an initial strange shot to fame via YouTube? Straight up to more international YouTube fame of course! “Little Wendy” is now all grown up and singing bigger songs, even branching out to English.

Recent recordings include a Spanglish cover “Like A Virgin” as well as other songs. Back in 2010, she visited Buenos Aires and performed in the YouFest festival at the Centro Cultural Konex, in which she joined other bizarre YouTube stars from Latin America on stage, bedazzling attendees who jumped up and down to her tittie song. Our editor Adrian Bono unashamedly confesses he attended – and loved it. And she made recent worldwide acclaim when she was selected to take part in the 2012 edition of the YouFest, which took place in Spain. In Madrid, Sulca performed the Madonna classic before thousands. Of course, there’s even a strange video on screen to accompany her.

Say what you will about today’s music industry, but the power of YouTube is undeniable. Any Argentine with any basic knowledge of pop culture will claim to be a fan of the former Peruvian child star and current sex bomb. I read somewhere that Sulca stated once, “there are some people out there who know how to appreciate my music…” With more than 20 million accumulated hits on YouTube, with numbers on the rise, the young lady may well have a point.

She has a body of work available to listen to on Spotify and through her Facebook page (where she has close to 100,000 fans) with new hits such as “Nadie Puede Con El Amor.”

“La Tetita” is also available for purchase on iTunes. Apparently.

What have you done with your life so far?

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