The Palermo Hidden Boutique That Serves you Whiskey While you Try on Their Clothes

This men's clothing store guides shoppers into a closed-door hedonistic expedition

La Restinga Men's Clothing Store

At first sight, this 20th Century colonial mansion blends into the Palermo Soho veneer with every other building on the block. There are no mannequins in the windows nor pictures of models wearing the latest color in vogue. But once you ring the bell, you’ll be witness to a 400-square-meter-long fashion eden and showroom for La Restinga, sumptuous attires from lambskin shoes to fine shirts crafted with Italian style and wool, silk and other fabrics flourish along the walls like works of art.

Far from the impersonality of shopping malls — which are infamous in the region for its prices — this men’s clothing store guides shoppers into a closed-door hedonistic expedition, with the company of a butler and two fashion consultants.

La Restinga Men's Clothing Store

La Restinga is infatuated with details. Almost every piece available at the avant-garde boutique is crafted in Argentina using the best materials in the world: Sea Island Cotton hand-picked in the Caribbean and processed in Italy, lambskin brought from England, Egyptian velvet, and nacre from the seven seas.

The brand has a team of cool hunters working from Italy that is constantly bringing the latest innovations to town. But in contrast with other luxury firms, which are always coming up with new collections to face the fast-fashion industry threats, La Restinga focuses mainly on creating classic yet modern pieces you can wear all year round.

La Restinga Men's Clothing Store

While many might favor killing 15 minutes choosing a nice suit and then another hour relaxing, smoking a fancy Habano under the shadows of the mansion’s grapevine, others might prefer spending two hours trying on every piece of the mosaic catalog: there are cashmere sweaters of more than 20 colors, jackets made of super-170 wood, rider boots, and more than six types of collars and handcuffs to chose for every shirt.

The experience continues after a team of tailors carefully takes your measurements to properly adapt every garment to fit your body. Depending on the item, you can walk home with your just-tailored attire, or you can have them delivered to your door or your hotel room in just a few hours.

The store will grant you the same services, whether you’re planning to spend 3,500 or 150,000 pesos. You can order a glass of Rutini wine or a picada while you decide between suits, or drink a cup of coffee as you sit in the living room’s vintage couch to read something, like, the Argentine version of Monocle, all while the couturiers work on your clothes.

La Restinga Men's Clothing Store

La Restinga takes security so seriously that they prefer not to disclose who has visited their boutique in the last few months, although it’s often the favorite place of many sportsmen, politicians, ambassadors, CEOs, and actors who cannot even go to the mall due to privacy concerns.

La Restinga Men's Clothing Store

La Restinga is open Monday to Sunday for everyone who books a visit through their email address or by giving them a call to the number available on their official webpage.

Next year, they’re coming up with new casonas in Mexico and Madrid, and they are also opening a new exclusive online store for those who join their International Gentleman’s Club.

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