Music fans can breathe a sigh of relief. Kraftwerk is back on (for now) after the 3D show was worryingly put on hold last week for violating Buenos Aires’ new policy against “electronic festivals”. A recent ruling put the concert back in line to go on stage at Luna Park stadium on the 23rd.

Following the tragic deaths that took place the Time Warp Festival earlier in the year, Judge Lisandro Fastman put a blanket ban on electronic music events. Initially, it appeared that Kraftwerk fell under this net, due to their use of synthesisers. However organisers appealed against this ruling which has now been overturned as the concert has been given “special permission”.

“There are substantial and decisive differences between the show for which the client requested special permission for, and so-called electronic parties” argued producers. Further highlighting how “ this is not a dance event” and how fans will “clearly be older”.

It’s hard to describe how big of a deal this is, with 70 per cent of tickets already sold, it will undoubtedly sell out. You can buy a ticket here by the way.


Where to start? Pioneers of electronic music dating back from the 70s, Kraftwerk have had a major influence on music over the last 40 years, inspiring countless genres from indie-rock to hip-hop and many in-between. Founded by members Ralf Hütter and Florian Schneider in 1970 the band bought electronic music to the masses for the first time, and boy did it sell.

The band, whose name means “power station” translated people’s view of the modern industrialised world into music in their weird and wonderful way. From inventing instruments (The founding pair hold a patent for an electronic drum kit) to touring in mannequin outfits in 1977 the elusive group have created 11 albums over their career.

Having 16 previous members, Kraftwerk is currently a four-piece, including founding member Ralf Hütter.

A few accolades from their long list: The group bagged a spot in the Top 5 in the U.S Charts in 1974 as well as reaching number 1 in the U.K charts with their single “The Model”, watch above. They have also earned a life-time Grammy Award in 2014 and one year later were placed on the Grammy Hall of Fame.