Photo via Agencia Monte Hermoso-La Nueva.

Yesterday afternoon beach goers in the coastal town of Monte Hermoso, in southern Buenos Aires province a few kilometers away from Bahía Blanca, were both amazed and terrified to see a killer whale swimming close to shore.

Federico Amaro, in conversation with local newspaper La Nueva, said the cetacean appeared at the deepest area of the beach when the tide was low. “I was in the water with my cousin, when 10 meters away we saw a horrible dorsal black fin. I began swimming backwards, so I didn’t lose it, while I screaming to my cousin to run away”, he told reporters.

Althought it’s not the first time animals like this have been seen along Argentina’s coast, the presence of this particular species is surprising, not only for the proximity to people, but also because killer whales are known for living and traveling in groups scientists call pods.

The incident was caught on camera and went viral on social networks.