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Color us scandalized: yet another politician and his partner are facing rumors that the public details of their private lives are lies, all lies. This week, the galvanizing news broke that former presidential candidate Daniel Scioli and ex wife (but current partner it seemed) Karina Rabolini are not only separated, but have been for years. YEARS!

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Karina’s not alone. Indeed, with this scoop, she joins the ranks of prime time’s most badass — the “wives” (of sorts), featuring the likes of The Good Wife‘s Alicia Florrick and perhaps most fearsome of all, House of Cards‘ Claire Underwood.

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The whispers don’t stop there. Apparently, Karina’s rumored to have been stepping out with Alejandro Guillermo Roemmers, businessman and occasional poet (in his words) with whom she had previously been linked. I can’t speak for the masses, but given the choice between politics and poetry as pillow-talk, is there even a choice to be made?

Either way, we hope all parties involved are happy in doing what they will with their leisure time. And we certainly hope that Karina’s getting the Neruda-treatment, regardless of whom she’s dating.


With all of this in mind, we hope you are still able to enjoy your weekend.