K-Dena Nacional. (Photo via La Voz)

In the heart of PRO country, Kirchnerismo has found a refuge. The first “100 percent K” local business just opened in the city of Córdoba. Its owner, Carolina, sells everything from wine to baby clothes printed with former President Cristina Kirchner’s face.

Carolina got the idea to launch K-Dena Nacional, the first local store explicitly and entirely devoted to the Kirchners, when Cristina Kirchner left office. “After the election, I was going to run home crying,” Carolina said in a video uploaded to her Facebook page. “Hard to imagine, but it’s the truth.” Thanks to the help of many friends, she explained, she has funneled her emotions into building a small business.

“As everyone knows, things are more than difficult in our country,” Carolina said in her video. “But it’s time to stop being sad. It’s time to give back to ‘La Jefa’ all that she gave us, and all that we achieved together.”