His days of peeing in trash cans, drunk drag racing and egging past neighbors’ houses are over. Teen superstar / fallen idol Justin Bieber now has Interpol hot on his tail.

Local judge Facundo Cubas has ominously called on the international police organization to use “all necessary means” to bring the 20-year-old pop singer back to Argentina, where he is wanted for questioning over the assault of photographer Diego Pesoa on November 9th of last year. While living it up in INK Nightclub, Bieber allegedly set his cronies on the photographer, who was subsequently hospitalized for his injuries.

However, Pesoa may well have been let off lightly: barely a fortnight after the incident in question, JB’s bodyguard Dwayne Patterson was arrested for beating up paparazzo Manuel Muñoz after stealing his memory card, and proceeding to lock him up in a Hawaiian Subway joint. Justin escaped justice due to lack of evidence.

Incidentally, this was the same night he was busted for street racing and DUI. Shit happens, right?

This time, however, the prosecutors seem to have gathered together enough evidence for a full-blown charge of causing minor injuries, and if found guilty – or likewise, if the Biebs fails to show up – the celebrity may face up to a year of jail time. If at the end of his 60-days grace Bieber has still refused the summons, Cubas has threatened to issue an international arrest warrant.

JB has yet to respond, but was spotted earlier this week at a Bible study group with the Pittsburgh Steelers NFL team purchasing a $11,385 Jesus face pendant.

He may be turning to a higher moral authority.