If you’re sick of reading about Justin Bieber’s series of unfortunate events, then get ready because the Bieber-gate is far from over and it’s about to get worse. Not only fans all over the country are outraged over his decision to quit mid-show due to “food poisoning” on Sunday night.

Now a new video has surfaced in which he is seen trampling on and/or sweeping the floor with the Argentine flag:


Apparently some fans hurled a couple of flags (that could very well be t-shirts, but it’s hard to tell), and little Justin, probably unaware of what the Argentine flag looks like, decided to just sweep the floor with them and throw them off stage with his microphone stand. Even his fans, unconditional lovers infected with the Bieber-fever, can be heard in the back saying: “¡Qué pelotudo!”

So yes, in a matter of days, Justin Bieber went from infuriating the residents of Puerto Madero, to his hardcore fans to the entire Argentine population and he is now considered a despicable monster from La Quiaca to Ushuaia.

And the twittersphere is on fire:






Good luck next time you’re around, Bieber. Bring bodyguards.

Well, more bodyguards.