Despite Carlos Tevez, Gianluigi Buffon will probably never play under the Boca Juniors jersey. (Photo via Aires de la Ciudad)

For football players over 40 (even when playing goalkeeper) finding a new club isn’t easy. Especially if you’re Gianluigi Buffon. After winning the World Cup and eight Italian championships, he can’t just sign anywhere and betray his club. To choose another Italian club, after spending 17 years with Juventus, would be treason for the fans.

For another European or even North American club, Buffon is simply too old. Where could he go, then, if he wants to avoid the empty stadiums of the Middle East and instead play in for a real crowd of passionate hinchas?

You guessed it, Argentina. According to Radio Continental, Boca Juniors would very much like to see the goalkeeper close his career in Buenos Aires. As such, they’ve asked star striker Carlos Tevez – who played two seasons with Buffon in Turin – to convince him to sign with the Xeneizes.

Tevez or not, we all know how it’s going to play out.

Buffon is not the first famous player to be linked with an Argentine club. Yes, some legends came back, such as Carlos Tevez himself – but he’s Argentine and was returning home, whereas the other players, despite many promises, never came close.

Guillermo Tofoni, an Argentine entrepreneur who was recently caught into the Qatargate scandal involving FIFA, declared in 2014 that “David Beckham had an 80 percent chance of becoming a River Plate player” for a six-month contract. Described as a marketing coup, in the same way that he had played 14 matches with Paris Saint-Germain, the announcement was taken seriously and picked up by the Argentine media. Really surprising, as Mr. Posh Spice was busy organizing three games – in Manchester, Madrid, and Los Angeles – to celebrate the end of his career. He never signed.

Aaaaand... That's just a montage (Photo via Perfil)
Aaaaand… That’s just a montage (Photo via Perfil)

River Plate’s fans didn’t really care: they’re used to these never-ending rumors with international players. The first came up in 2005, when Pep Guardiola was in contact with the club: “Pep likes the idea, he already has contacts in Argentina and there is good football here that he likes,” José María Orobitg, his agent, told the media. Pep would end up signing for Mexican club Dorados de Sinaloa.

In 2009, Edgar Davids, the Dutch player who became famous for the glasses he alwys wore during matches, was also linked to the Millonarios. The President of the club, José María Aguilar, met with him despite the issue that the footballer had not played a game in two years. The fans were hyped, but Davids actually just wanted to talk about his foundation, and later went to declare that he was a fan of Boca. The same year, it is Fernando Morientes who was targeted by the club, and the media truly believed the striker was a possibility: he ended signing for a club with strong and popular support… In France, at Olympic of Marseilles, and not River.

Ronaldinho was linked with the same club in 2012, while it was in the Argentine B division, he ultimately chose Brazil’s Atletico Mineiro. It was in this same year that Fernando Guti declared that he had “99 percent chance to play with River.” He did not sign. The same year saw a similar struggle for Alessandro Del Piero. The Italian striker who had just left Juventus said that “if David [Trezeguet, who was playing at River] calls me to convince me, why not?”, but it appears the French man did not have any credit, and Del Piero ended up in New York.

What do you mean by "this is a montage"? (Photo via Taringa!)
Aaaaaand… That’s another montage (Photo via Taringa!)

Wesley Sneijder, Didier Drogba, Francesco Totti: they all also came more or less close -depending on the sources – to signing with River Plate. And we cannot forget Marcelo Bielsa, the coach who declared many times his love for River.

However, Boca Juniors also had its share of interested players throughout the years: Robert Pires, French Arsenal legend, said he wanted to retire there. He did not. So did Gennaio Gattuso. So did Roberto Baggio. So did Thierry Henry. None of them did, despite expressing their interest.

However, one name comes to mind to prove that everything is possible for Boca: David Trezeguet. The Frenchman decided to finish his career in Argentina, at River Plate and at Newell’s Old Boys, after winning the World Cup and the European Cup. The striker had one special caveat though: he visited relatives in Argentina in his youth, and had always expressed his dream of coming back to the country where he played at a younger age.

This is not the case for Buffon, who at 40 will probably stay at Juventus, as a member of the coaching staff, and will only stay in Argentina in the cemetery of vanished dreams for all the hinchas of Boca or River, where he won’t be alone: