Photo via Infobae.

Justice Minister Julio Alak has announced that 79 percent of the electorate voted in today’s elections, up five percent from August’s primary elections in what is a “very high” figure in terms of electoral turnout.

He also congratulated the various poll-watchers in poll stations across the country, saying that “today’s presidential elections were the most closely supervised in history.”

Furthermore, Alak said voting is “a celebration,” adding that “those of us who lived under a dictatorship know this and we have to repeat it so that future generations know it too.”

Voting in Argentina is mandatory for anyone aged between 18 and 70 and optional for those older than 70 and aged between 16 and 18.

With regards to when we are officially going to know the results of today’s elections, data is already arriving, but officials are going to wait until they have a “consistent number.” Yesterday, National Electoral Director Alejandro Tullio said that the results could be announced beginning at 11 PM.

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