The latest development in the on-going battle between Uber and the Argentine courts has seen Judge Maria Fernanda Botana order both the webpage and app to be blocked. Could this be the beginning of the end for Uber in Argentina?

Following a request from the public prosecutor Martín Lapadú, Judge Botana of the Buenos Aires Criminal and Felony Court ordered the companies providing Internet services in Argentina to block Uber’s page and application, which links private drivers with passengers.

Lapadú asked the court to block the website and app “because during the investigation, it was established that there were risks concerning the preservation of extremely important evidence. It became known that the company Uber has the ability, through its application, to remotely alter or delete the records of the company’s members, and that situation represents a risk for evidence, so the total block would allow a much more effective safeguarding of that.”

The Public Ministry representative requested that Uber’s page and application be blocked nationally as happened in the case of Bwin, an illegal betting page. He insisted that the orders are based on the fact that the Uber executives ignored previous judicial orders and continued the illegal activity.

He also requested that Diego Oliveira and Mariano Otero, general manager and CEO of Uber Argentina respectively, be arrested. This request was not, however, approved by the judge.

At the time of publishing, neither the website nor the app seem to have been affected.