Judge Alejandra Velázquez of the Pilar district in the Province of Buenos Aires was removed from her post last Wednesday. She was accused of several charges, but one case in particular stood out to make the news: she was accused of selling unborn babies.

Naturally, the tribunal in charge of deciding his fate didn’t go into a lot of detail when making reference to this charge, so there’s no information about how she did it, or how many times.

Velázquez was in charge of the courthouse dealing with family affairs ever since it was created, and considering the amount of charges that were pressed against her, she started breaking the law she had been tasked with observing since day one.

She has been accused of: falsely dating her rulings to make it look like she had issued them on time, allowing subordinates to take care of cases and sign on files only she was permitted, being clearly partial in cases and, above all, selling unborn babies.

It hasn’t surfaced whether she has denied doing this, but we do know that once the impeachment process was underway, she tried to resign. However, Governor María Eugenia Vidal rejected her request – presumably to save face – and allowed the tribunal to effectively impeach her.